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The period surrounding questions about child custody can be fraught with uncertainty, emotional upheaval, and the sensation of venturing into unknown territory.

Each client is given our complete focus. We're committed to ensuring that your rights, your child's well-being, and their future is protected.

Our mission is to defend your interests in child custody matters and achieve the most favorable results.

We understand the emotional burden that child custody matters can bring. That's why we are dedicated to easing this burden by championing your needs, from negotiating agreements to addressing child custody and support matters.

"I do not have the vocabulary to articulate how deeply grateful I am to Collin White. He took what appeared to me to be an impossible situation, flipped it on its head, and enabled the best possible scenario for my daughter."

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Overview of Child Custody Laws in Austin, TX

In Texas, child custody is referred to as "conservatorship," which outlines the legal and physical responsibilities of a parent. Under Texas law (Chapters 153 and 154, there is a preference for joint managing conservatorship (JMC), where both parents share in the decision-making responsibilities for the child. However, the court's primary concern is always the best interests of the child, which can lead to a sole managing conservatorship (SMC) arrangement in certain cases.

Understanding the Role of Child Custody Attorneys

A child custody attorney specializes in navigating the complexities of custody laws and ensuring that the parent's rights are protected while focusing on the child's best interests. These legal professionals provide guidance, represent you in court, and help in negotiating terms that benefit all parties involved, especially the children.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Texas recognizes several types of custody arrangements:

  • Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC): Both parents share in the decision-making and responsibilities for the child.
  • Sole Managing Conservatorship (SMC): One parent has the majority of decision-making responsibilities.
  • Possessory Conservatorship: Refers to the parent who has visitation rights but not primary custody.

Factors Considered in Child Custody Cases

The court considers multiple factors in determining custody, including:

  • The child's physical and emotional needs.
  • Each parent's ability to provide for the child.
  • Any history of family violence or substance abuse.
  • The child's preferences (if they are 12 years old or above).

Initial Consultation with a Child Custody Attorney

Your first meeting with a custody attorney is an opportunity to understand your rights, discuss your case, and learn about the legal process. Be prepared to provide comprehensive information about your situation and any documentation that can support your case.

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Preparing Documents and Evidence for Your Case

Gathering evidence is critical in child custody cases. This may include financial records, communication logs, character references, and any documentation that demonstrates your involvement and commitment to your child's well-being.

Negotiating Child Custody Agreements

Before proceeding to court, parents may try to negotiate a custody agreement. An attorney can facilitate these negotiations, ensuring that the agreement meets legal standards and serves the child's best interests.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Mediation is a voluntary process where a neutral third party helps parents reach an agreement. It's less adversarial than court litigation and can be a more amicable way to resolve custody issues.

Going to Court: Litigation in Child Custody Cases

If mediation is unsuccessful, the case will go to court, where a judge will make a decision based on the child's best interests. Litigation can be lengthy and emotionally taxing, making it essential to have a skilled attorney by your side.

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"Collin has now worked on two different cases for me and has been nothing short of exceptional. He immediately gets all facts, explains all possibilities and fights for the absolute best solution for my family without hesitation."
- Lindsey P.


"Working with Collin has been a seamless experience in the midst of an emotional custody battle. He has been highly prepared, knowledgeable, and strategic throughout my case. He is patient and takes the time to answer the many questions I have and help me understand the complexities of the legal process. I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer to work with!"
- Claire C.


"Collin was great in helping my case. He worked super hard to make sure that my child would be safe and made sure that we didn’t take away his parenting times. Have had great communication and kept me informed through the whole process."
- Brandy W.


"I never expected the above and beyond assistance I received when calling upon an Attorney to represent my case. I’ve worked with Mr. Collin White now going on a year and half and he has been with me every step of the way, and I can honestly say I would of been lost without his help and guidance."
- Dustin M.


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